Cliniserve - Technology for better nursing

Our digital communication solution for nurses and patients makes the daily work of nurses easier and increases efficiency in nursing processes.

Cliniserve’s Benefit

Better nursing for everyone involved. More satisfied nurses and patients lead to an increased upside for hospitals.


Hospitals Save Costs: Higher satisfaction and less stress among nurses leads to reduced sick days and fluctuation. Meaningful insights from generated data lead to an increase in efficiency and reduced documentation mistakes.


Nurses Are Happier: Less interruptions of tasks and less walking around by knowing patients requests reduces stress for nurses. Annoying tasks such as documentation are made easier by request summaries and insights from data.


Patients Are Satisfied: Higher transparency and personalization regarding service requests increase convenience for digitally connected patients. Communicating with nurses becomes more fun and engaging.

Components of the Cliniserve system:


Nurses receive patient requests in the Cliniserve App on station smartphones. Detailed information on location and content of the request saves extra walking and allows for prioritization between requests. Requests are automatically transmitted to the responsible nurse, which can be assigned intuitively in the app. After completing a request, nurses can save it for later documentation. The Nurse App is available for both Android and iOS devices, which can optionally be organized by Cliniserve.



Patients use the browser of their own devices to access the Cliniserve Webapp. A customizable menu allows patients to intuitively request aid or service by nurses or service personal. An overview of placed requests offers transparency. Patients do not have to consider anymore whether a need justifies the use of the alarm button. The webapp saves patients the trouble of having to install an app and guarantees ease of use. However, Cliniserve is also available as native app for bedside tablets or patient devices if desired.



Cliniserve generates proprietary data on the request frequency in stations. Smart algorithms allow care managers and nurses to identify peak load times, which make task planning possible. By adjusting personnel allocation, stress and overload of nurses can be prevented. Comparisons to other stations and benchmarking enable the optimization of station organization.

Cliniserve is...

Cliniserve is...

easy to implement

Cliniserve does not require any additional hardware to be installed in patient rooms. Simply providing mobile devices to nurses enables the use of the system. Cliniserve provides training to nurses to allow for a quick adoption of the system. Integration to hospital IT systems are not necessary, which ensures that Cliniserve can be used on the spot.

compliant with data protection

Cliniserve is not only compliant with current data security regulations, but also with the EU-DSGVO which will come into effect in May 2018. Cliniserve identifies patients via a location based code and therefore does not process sensitive patient data. Furthermore, as the system is not dependent on an integration with existing IT infrastructure, all hospital data is unaffected by Cliniserve.

cost efficient

Cliniserve is sold on a monthly per bed subscription basis. Customers only pay for the stations where the system is deployed. This makes pricing highly competitive and keeps initial investment costs low. Satisfied customers can flexibly expand the system to further stations and add new features at any time.

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